Smart personal home garden to

Harvest fresh greens right next to your plate

We eliminate supply chain deficiencies and reduce carbon footprint related to food transportation and packaging

Effortless, healthy and savoury greens

Farming is painful...until you get a Smartodna garden

Click, patient, harvest...that's all you have to do ! We believe farming should be carefree, and we built a smart farm for that.

The skilled green thumb of your house is your Smartodna, you don't need to learn anything about plants needs.

A salad is a salad ? We dare you to compare...

Supermarket salads can lose up to 60% of weight and freshness from the farm to your plate. Smartodna garden will change your definition of crispness and freshness.

Your health is our wealth

Contrary to intensive agriculture, Smartodna garden requires no insecticide, no herbicide, no harmful chemicals.

You care about our planet...We do too

Your supermarket salad can make a 6'000 kms trip to end up in a trash bin when not harvest what you need, where you need it.

Water is more precious than gold, Smartodna garden consumes 90% less water than traditional agriculture.

Enhance your palate

Super large varieties of salads

Reviving old forgotten varieties of salads to bring unique & subtle flavors to your plate

Colourful edible flowers

Set your plate like a Chef with colors that will delight your guests eyes

Flavourful herbs

Basil, Persil, Zaatar herbs, their strong pleasant smell will tease your senses

Healthy microgreens

Boost your body and energy with concentrates of vitamins and oligo elements

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One million kilo of fresh healthy food we aim to grow in our systems by 2040.


Four hundred thousand kilos of CO2 emission spared from packaging production and food transportation by 2040.

100 %

autonomy, we want to reach a full automation within few years to ensure the farm operation.